Dermal fillers are injectable products used in the face and body to improve skin quality, add volume, or restore volume lost with facial aging. They are a convenient and effective option for individuals wishing to regain a youthful, refreshed appearance without undergoing invasive surgical procedures such as a facelift. Most injections can be performed under 30 minutes and require minimal post-treatment downtime. Several agents are available, each indicated to treat a different concern.


Most injections can be performed under 30 minutes and require minimal post-treatment downtime. Several agents are available, each indicated to treat a different concern.

Consultation process

Dr Thibaudeau will explore your concerns and expectations with you, and will examine your face. Together, you will explore treatment options and determine the best options for you. Pre-treatment photographs will be taken by a member of our team.

Inform the doctor if you are prone to cold sores; in the case of lip injections, antiviral prophylaxis will be prescribed.

Injection process

The injections can take place on the day of the consultation if you feel ready. For lip injections, numbing cream is often applied for a few minutes prior to the procedure. If you are thinking of lip injections, it is always a good idea to arrive a few minutes early so a member of our team can apply the cream before your appointment with Dr Thibaudeau. For other areas of the face, local anesthesia is usually not required as the injectable products contain a numbing agent (lidocaine) that reduces pain during injections.

Post-treatment Process

A little bit of redness can be present at injection sites for 30-60 minutes. Ice may be applied for a few minutes every hour to improve comfort following injections. Healing is different from one person to the next; however, it is normal to experience minor swelling or bruising for a few days after the procedure. Such bruising may be concealed with make-up.


Results are usually visible immediately, but will continue to improve for 2 weeks, and can last between 6 and 12 months depending on the product and the treated area.

Hyaluronic acid (Restylane®, Juvederm®, Belotero®, etc)

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a complex sugar naturally present in the body. In the skin, it acts by attracting and retaining water, providing hydration and plumpness. Natural hyaluronic acid is degraded by the body in 24 hours. Commercially available hyaluronic acid products have been cross-linked to resist this degradation much longer, and thus the effect of injections can last up to a year. The product is then eliminated gradually. In the face, hyaluronic acid is often used to add volume to the lips and cheeks, and for the correction of deep wrinkles. It can also serve to augment the chin and to restore volume where it has been lost due to aging, such as the temple area or the tear trough area.


Skinboosters® are a type of hyaluronic fillers used to improve skin quality rather than volumizing. They are used to smooth fine lines in the face. They can also be used in other parts of the body such as the hands or décolleté to improve skin quality.

Radiesse®, Sculptra®

These products are non-hyaluronic acid-based filling agents. They are used in patients presenting loss of facial volume. Even though Radiesse® has an immediate filling effect, both products act mainly by stimulating natural collagen production. Results are thus gradual and natural-looking and can last up to two years after the initial series of injections. In the face, they are used to define the jaw line, augment chin projection, and increase cheek volume, creating a lifting effect.
These products can also be used elsewhere in the body to improve skin quality and restore a youthful appearance, notably in the hands.

Before & After filling agents

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Make-up can be applied 4 hours after injections.


Treatment Price
Filler agents from $ 665 + taxes