Whether it’s a keloid, a hypertrophic scar, or merely an unsightly scar, there is a treatment to improve appearance.

Some scars can be treated with corticosteroid injections, while others can be attenuated with laser treatments or may require surgical excision. A consultation with Dr Thibaudeau will tell you which procedure is right for your scar.

Indications for scar revision

Any scar that is esthetically unpleasing or uncomfortable may be improved.



The procedure is done in office and takes approximately 45 minutes; it is performed under local anesthesia so discomfort is minimal.

Dr Thibaudeau will explore your concerns and expectations with you on the day of consultation. She will examine the scar to be treated. Together, you will explore treatment options and determine the best options for you.


Dr Thibaudeau will explain the procedure in detail and answer all your questions. Pre-treatment photographs will be taken by a member of our team.

The treatment itself will vary according to the scar. Possibilities include laser treatment, topical treatments to be applied at home, and surgical revision.


Side effects and risks vary according to the procedure.


The amount of time varies according to procedure.


Treatment Price
Scar revision Varies according to treatment