During a non-surgical rhinoplasty (nose job), Dr Thibaudeau injects filling agents (hyaluronic acid) and sometimes neuromodulators to correct minor imperfections or asymmetries and reshape the nose into a more aesthetically pleasing shape.


The procedure takes a few minutes and is performed in the office.


Risks are minimal when it is done by a professional with extensive anatomical knowledge.


Results are visible immediately and last up to a year. Though mild bruising may occur, no downtime is required.

What to expect on the day of consultation?

Dr Thibaudeau will explore your concerns and expectations with you, and will examine your face. Together, you will explore treatment options and determine the best options for you. Pre-treatment photographs will be taken by a member of our team.

Inform the doctor if you are prone to cold sores; in the case of lip injections, antiviral prophylaxis will be prescribed.

What is the injection process?

The injections can take place on the day of the consultation if you feel ready. Dr Thibaudeau will inject micro-droplets of hyaluronic acid in specific areas of your nose to gently reshape it. The injections are not very painful, as the injected product contains lidocaine (a numbing agent), minimizing pain during the intervention.

Before & After non-surgical rhinoplasty

Popular Questions

Make-up can be applied 4 hours after injections.


Treatment Price
Non-surgical rhinoplasty $ 1000 + taxes